Aidan Corrigan (1414 DR)

Lord of Arabel and former Battlemaster of the Purple Dragons of Cormyr. Retired demon hunter


Paladin of Torm 6/Fist of Raziel 10/Legendary leader 2

Lord of Arabel, former Commander of High Horn

Retired Battlemaster of the Purple Dragons

Influent member of the Fists of Raziel


Magical items:

  • +3 Holy Evil Outsider Bane Greatsword (Tormite relic)
  • +2 Lance of binding
  • +2 Evil Outsider Bane reloading light crossbow
  • Oil of Keen edge
  • 2 potions of Cure serious wounds
  • Fullplate +4
  • Boots of striding and springing
  • Belt of Giant's strenght +6 and of One mighty blow
  • Ring of fire resistance 10
  • Bag of holding type 2
  • Helm of glorious recovery
  • Cloak of charisma +4
  • Commander's ring
  • Lesser armor crystal of cold protection (on buckler)
  • Restful armor crystal (on fullplate at night)
  • Noble's pennon
  • Greater Ironward armor crystal(on fullplate)
  • Buckler +3
  • Gloves of dexterity +4 and of Fortunate striking
  • Torm's holy symbol (acts as Periapt of wisdom +4/Amulet of health +4/Amulet of natural armor +3/Crest of Bravery)
  • Dusty rose prism Ioun stone
  • Formless vest
  • Least weapon crystal of return (on greatsword)
  • Goggles of draconic vision
  • Bracers of quickstrike
  • Short sword +1
  • Wand of cure light wounds (25)

Aidan Corrigan (1414 DR)

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